W and Right Shift

1. Learn the reach technique for W and Right Shift.
2. Combine smoothly W and Right Shift with all other learned keys.

Use your Left ring finger to type the w key.
Use your Right little finger to strike the Right shift key.

Directions: Key each line twice in the box provided.  Use the tab key to move to the next textbox. 

a;sldkfj a;sldkfj uj cd ik rf nj ed hj tf ol gf .l

us cod use cut sue cot jut cog nut cue con lug ice

Hugh has just taken a lead in a race for a record.

s s ws ws sow sow wow wow low low how how cow cows

sw sw ws ws ow ow now now row row own own tow tows

to sow; is how; so low; to own; too low; is to row

A; A; Al Al; Cal Cal; Ali or Flo; Di and Sol left.

Ali lost to Ron; Cal lost to Elsa; Di lost to Del.

Tina has left for Tuscon; Dori can find her there.

Dodi will ask if Willa went to Town Center at two.

Wilf left the show for which he won a Gower Award.

Walt will go to Rio on a golf tour with Wolf Lowe.

Dr. Rowe is in Tulsa now; Dr. Cowan will see Rolf.
Gwinn took the gown to Golda Swit on Downs Circle.

to go go on no go an urn dug in and got and a sign

He is to sign for the urn to go on the high chest.

if ow us or go he an it of own did oak the cut jug

do all and for cog odd ant fig rug low cue row end

we did for a jar she is due cut the oak he owns it

all of us to won the she is to go when he has gone

Jan and Chris are gone; Di and Nick get here soon.

Doug will work for her at the new store in Newton.

Use i.e. for the is; cs. for case; ck. for check

Dr. Wong said to use wt. for weight; in. for inch.

R. D. Roth has used ed. for editor; Rt. for Route.

Wes said Ed Rowan got an Ed. D. degree last winter.

uj cd uc cut cut cue cue use use cod cod dock dock

Jud is to cut the corn near the dock for his aunt.

Don and Willa Dot or Wilda R.W. Gowan Dr. Wilford

Dr. Wold will set the wrist of Sgt. Wills at noon.

Jane or Harl Jae and Nan L. N. Hagel Lt. J.O. Hao

Lt. Hawser said that he will se us in New London.

nj gf ng gun gun nag nag got got nor nor sign sign

Angie hung a huge sign in front of the union hall

ol tf to too dot dot not not toe toe got gild gild

Todd took the tool chest to the dock for a worker.

ik rf or ore fir fir sir sir ire ire ice ice irons

Risa fired the fir log to heat rice for the girls.

hj ed he the the hen hen when when then then their

He was with her when she chose her new snow shoes.