Tab Key

1. Learn reach technique for Tab key
2. To combine smoothly with other learned keys

Use your Left little finger to strike the Tab key.

Directions: Key each line twice in the box provided.  Use the tab key to move to the next textbox. 

Zosha was quick to dive into my big pool for Jinx.

Type these ZIP coes:  OR, MD, RI, NV, AL, and PA.

Ian kept a pen and work forms handy for all of us.


The tab key is used to indent blocks of copy such as these.

It should also be used for tables to arrange data quickly and neatly into columns.

Learn now to use the tab key by touch; doing so will add to your keying speed.

Strike the tab key firmly and release it very quickly.  Begin the lie without a pause.

If you hold the tab key down, the cursor will move from tab to tab across the line.

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She may go to the city if he can fix the old auto.

The best dancers are;  Ana and Jose;  Mag and Boyd.

Did Ms. Paxon send us the letter from Dr. LaRonde?

Masami saw the game on ESPN; Krista saw it on NBC.

The AMS meeting is on Tuesday;  the DPE, on Friday.

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He is to aid the girls with the work if they wish.

Jan may go to the city for the bid forms for them.

He may go to the lake by dusk to do the dock work.

I did all the work for the firm for the usual pay.

Be quick to excel in form and speed.  If you do, you can move back a word or two and watch the errors fall away.  Keep this in mind as you work.

You might be amazed how your speed will grow if you first push for speed and then level off to take control at just the right speed.  Try it now.