Skills Check

1. To demonstrate level of technique mastery.
2. To demonstrate level of keying speed attained.

Directions: Key each line twice in the box provided.  Use the tab key to move to the next textbox. 

Quig just fixed prize vases he won at my key club.

Marcia works for HMS.  Inc.; Juanita, for XYZ Corp.

Su did vow to rid the town of the giant male duck.

old led kit six jay oft zap cod big laws five ribs

pro quo is just my firm was then may grow must try

Olga sews aqua and red silk to make six big kites.

en am an by ham fan buy jam pay may form span corn

I am a man an elm by any buy ham can plan try them

I am to form a plan to buy a firm in the old town.

Jan and I are to see Ms. Han. May Lana come, too?

Bob Epps lives in Rom;  Vic Copa is in Rome, also.

Oates and Co. Has a branch office in Boise, Idaho.

Eight of the girls may go to the social with them.

Corla is to work with us to fix the big dock sign.

Keith is to pay the six men for the work they did.

He bid for the rich lake land.

Suzy may fish off the dock with us.

Pay the girls for all the work they did.

Quen is due by six and may then fix the sign.

Janie is to vie with six girls for the city title.

Duane is to go to the lake to fix the auto for the man.

How you key is just as vital as the copy you work from or produce.  What you put on paper is a direct result of the way in which you do the job.
If you expect to grow quickly in speed, take charge of your mind.  It will then tell your eyes and hands how to work through the maze of letters.