Review Paragraphs 2

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Nick sells jade rings; Jahn got one for good luck. an or is to he go cue for and jak she all use curtLeona has gone to ski; Jack had left here at nine. nj gf uj cd ol tf ik rf hj ed an go or is to the he nj gf nj gin can jog nick sign at the old lake gin. Huck can use the urn for the social at the church. uj cd uc juj dcd cud cut use cog clue urn curl luck L. N. is at the King Hotel; Harl is at the Leland.It is said that Lt. Li has an old jet at Lake Ida. Jae has gone to see an old oaken desk at the sale. It is right for her to take the lei if it is hers. Ken said he is to sign the list and take the disk. Ira is sure that he can go there is an hour or so. Nida is to get the ice; Jacki is to call for colajust in code it turn on cure it as such is in luckan urn is due to cut for us to use cut off such asan due cut such fuss rich lack turn dock turf curland cue for jut end kit led old fit just golf coedsaid to use Kan. for Kansas and ore. for Oregon. Kae had taken a lead.  Jack then cut ahead of her. Nan is cute; he is curt; turn a cog; he can use itin cut nut ran cue can cot fun hen car urn den coguse a clue; a fur coat; take the cue; cut the cake a cud; a cur; to cut; the cue; the cure; for luck; cud cud cut cuts cur curs cue cues duck ducks cluea cod; a cog; the ice; she can; the dock; the code; cd cd cod ice ice can can code code dock docks d d cd cd cod cod cog cog tic tic cot cot can cansa jug; due us; the fur; use it; a fur rug; is just fur; the uj uj jug jug sue sue lug lug use use lug lug dues jugj j ju ju us us us jug jug jut jut due due fur fur jus jus He was with her when she chose her new snow shoes. hj ed he the the hen hen when when then then theirRisa fired the fir log to heat rice for the girls.ik rf or ore fir fir sir sir ire ire ice ice ironsTodd took the tool chest to the dock for a worker. ol tf to too dot dot not not toe toe got gild gild Angie hung a huge sign in front of the union hall nj gf ng gun gun nag nag got got nor nor sign sign Lt. Hawser said that he will se us in New London. Jane or Harl Jae and Nan L. N. Hagel Lt. J.O. Hao Dr. Wold will set the wrist of Sgt. Wills at noon. Jud is to cut the corn near the dock for his aunt. Don and Willa Dot or Wilda R.W. Gowan Dr. Wilforduj cd uc cut cut cue cue use use cod cod dock dock  Wes said Ed Rowan got an Ed. D. degree last winter. R. D. Roth has used ed. for editor; Rt. for Route. Dr. Wong said to use wt. for weight; in. for inch.Use i.e. for the is; cs. for case; ck. for check Doug will work for her at the new store in Newton Jan and Chris are gone; Di and Nick get here soon.  all of us to won the she is to go when he has gone we did for a jar she is due cut the oak he owns it do all and for cog odd ant fig rug low cue row end f ow us or go he an it of own did oak the cut jug He is to sign for the urn to go on the high chest.  to go go on no go an urn dug in and got and a sign Gwinn took the gown to Golda Swit on Downs Circle.  Dr. Rowe is in Tulsa now; Dr. Cowan will see Rolf. 

Walt will go to Rio on a golf tour with Wolf Lowe. Wilf left the show for which he won a Gower Award. Dodi will ask if Willa went to Town Center at two. Tina has left for Tuscon; Dori can find her there. Ali lost to Ron; Cal lost to Elsa; Di lost to Del. A; A; Al Al; Cal Cal; Ali or Flo; Di and Sol left. to sow; is how; so low; to own; too low; is to rowsw sw ws ws ow ow now now row row own own tow tows s s ws ws sow sow wow wow low low how how cow cows Hugh has just taken a lead in a race for a record. us cod use cut sue cot jut cog nut cue con lug ice a;sldkfj a;sldkfj uj cd ik rf nj ed hj tf ol gf .l Juan left Bobby at the dog show near our ice rink. Becky has auburn hair and wide eyes of light jade. if she  to work  and such  the goal  for this  held the to do  can go  to bow  for all  did jet  ask her  to buy work just such hand this goal boys held furl eight by and for the got all did but cut now say jut ask Cody wants to buy this baby cub for the young boy. no in bow any tub yen cut sub coy ran bin cow deck a kit low for jut led sow fob ask sun cud jet grow a;sldkfj bf ol ed yj ws ik rf hj cd nj tf .l gf uj Jaye went by bus to the store to buy the big buoy. by it; to buy; by you; a byte; the buoy; by and by by by buy buy boy boy bye bye byte byte buoy buoys a jay; to say; an eye; he says; dye it; has an eye yj yj jay jay eye eye dye dye yes yes yet yet jays j j yj yj jay jay lay lay hay hay day day say says a rib; to fib; rub it; an orb; or rob; but she bid fb fb rob rob lob lob orb orb bid bid bud bud ribs f f bf bf fib fib rob rob but but big big fib fibs