Review 5

1. Improve reach stroke control and keying speed.
2. Improve keying speed on words, phrases, and sentences.

Directions: Key each line twice in the box provided.  Use the tab key to move to the next textbox. 

Did she join OEA?  Did she also join PSI and DECA?

Do you know the ARMA rules?  Are they used by TVA?

Zahn, key these words:  vim, zip, via, zoom, vote.

Veloz gave a zany party for Van Roz in La Paz.

Paul put a quick quiz on top of the quaint podium.

Jacqi may pick a pink qique suit of a unique silk.

they quiz pick code next just more bone wove flags

name jack flax plug quit zinc wore busy vine third

to fix it is to pay to aid us or to cut apt to own

is on the if we did to be fit to my pay due at six

Lock may join the squad if we have six big prizes.

I am apt to go to the lake dock to sign the form.

When you key lines of drills, strike the return or enter key at the end of each line.  That is, use a hard return to space down for a new line.

When you key copy in this for, through, you do not need to strike return at the end of each line if a machine has wordwrap or a soft return feature.

But even if your machine returns at line ends for you, you have to strike the return or enter key at the end of a paragraph to leave a line blank.