Review 3

1. Improve reach stroke control and keying speed.
2. Improve keying speed on words, phrases, and sentences.

Directions: Key each line twice in the box provided.  Use the tab key to move to the next textbox. 


we ok at in be on by re no us if la do ah go C.J.
by rub jay fib lay rob hay big say buy boy yet but

Fran knew it was her job to guide your gold truck

an by win buy den sly wond they than flay when clay

in a way on a day buy a hen a fine day if they win

Jay can bid on the old clay urn he saw at the inn.

I know she is to be here soon to talk to the club.

Lt. Su; Nan and Dodi; Karl and Sol; Dr. O.C. Goya

Kara and Rod are in Italy; Jane and Bo go in June.

Sig and Bodie went to the lake with Cory and Lana.

Aida Rios and Jana Hardy work for us in Los Gatos.

by dig row off but and jet oak the cub all got rid

ah she own dug irk buy cog jak for yet ask led urn

of us if the all of and do cut it he got to do the

is to be as it is fi we do in all the if we own it

Judy had gone for that big ice show at Lake Tahoe.

Jack said that lal of you will find the right job.

Cindy has just left for work at the big ski lodge.

Rudy can take a good job at the lake if he wishes.

Al is to do it.

Di has gone to work.

Jan is to go to the sale.

rog is to row us to your dock.

Harl has an old kayak and two oars.

She told us to set a goal and go for it.

It is our job to see just how high we can go.

Jake will go to the city to work on the big signs.

Rob saw the bird on the lake by the big boat dock.

June had left for the club just as the news ended.

Bro led a task force whose goal was to lower cost.

Lyn knew the surf was too rough for kids to enjoy.

Ceil hikes each day on the side roads near shool.