Review 2A

1. Review all keys learned
2. Combine smoothly Left Shift and Period (.) with all other learned keys.

Directions: Key each line twice in the box provided.  Use the tab key to move to the next textbox. 


He said ft. for feet; rd. for road; fl. for floor.

Lt. Hahn let L. K. take the old gong to Lake Neil.

Lars is to ask at the old store for a kite for Jo.

Ike said he is to take the old road to Lake Heidi.

a an or he to if do it of so is go for got old led

go the off aid dot end jar she fit oak and had rod

if so it is to do if it do so to go he is to do it

to the and do is the got it if the for the ask for

Ned asked her to send the log to an old ski lodge.

J. L. lost one of the sleds he took off the train.

Jan is to sing.

Karl is at the lake.

Lena is to send the disk.

Lars is to jog to the old inn.

Hanna took the girls to a ski lake.

Hal is to take the old list to his desk.

Lana is to take the jar to the store at nine.

K. L. Jakes is to see Lt. Hahn at Oak Lake at one.

Janet Harkins sent the sales sheet to Joel Hansen.

Karla Kent is to go to London to see Laska Jolson.

Kae is to go to the lake to fish off an old skiff.

Joel is to ask his good friend to go to the shore.

Lara and her dad took eight girls for a long hike.

Kent said his dad is to sell the oak and ash logs.