Review 2

1. Improve reach stroke control and keying speed.
2. Improve keying speed on words, phrases, and sentences.
Key each line twice in the box provided.  Use the tab key to move to the next textbox.  
ik rf ol ed nj gf hj tf .l ft. i.e. e.g. rt. J. L.

a an go is or to if he and got the for led kit lot

I got it.  Hal has it.  Jan led Nan.  Kae is gone.

hj ed jhj ded ha el he she led had eke hal ale die

Heidi had a good lead at the end of the first set.

ik rf kik frf is or sir ire ore his risk fire ride

Kier is taking a high risk if he rides that horse


ol tf lol ftf fo it of too oft hot toe lot the old


Ola has lost the list she took to that food store


nj gf jnj fgf go an got and nag gin hang gone sign


Lang and she are going to sing nine songs at noon.


Oak Lake; N.J. Karis; Lt. L. J. Oates; Lara Nador


J.K. Larkin is going to Idaho to see Linda Jakes


Nan has gone to ski; She took a train at nine.

Janet asked for the disk; she is to take it to the lake.

Karl said he left at the lake a file that has the data she needs.

Nadia said she felt ill as the ski lift left to take the girls to the hill.