Q and Comma

1. Learn the reach technique for q and ,.
2. Combine smoothly q and , with all other learned keys.

Use your Left little finger to type the q key.
Use your Right middle finger to type the , key.

Directions: Key each line twice in the box provided.  Use the tab key to move to the next textbox. 


do fix all cut via own buy for the jam cop ask dig

a map; a van; apt to; vie for; her plan; have five

Beth will pack sixty pints of guava jam for David.

a qa qa aq aq quo quo qt. qt. quad quad quit quits

qa quo quo qt. qt. quay quay aqua aqua quite quite

a qt.; pro quo; a quad; to quit; the quay; a squad

k k ,k ,k kit, kit; Rick, Ike, or I will go, also.

a ski, a ski; a kit, a kit; a kite, a kite; a bike

Ike, I see, is here; Pam, I am told, will be late.

Enter the words quo, quote, quit, quite, and aqua.

I have quit the squad, Quen; Raquel has quit, too.

Marquis, Quent, and Quig were quite quick to quit.

qa .l ws ,a ed nj rf mj tf p; xs ol cd ik vf hj bf
yj gf hj quo vie pay cut now buy got mix vow forms

six may sun coy cue mud jar win via pick turn bike

to go to win for me a peck a quay by then the vote

pa rub sit man for own fix jam via cod oak the got

by quo sub lay apt mix irk pay when rope give just

an ox of all is to go if he is it is due to pay us

if we pay is of age up to you so we own she saw me

Jevon will fix my pool deck if the big rain quits.

Verna did fly quick jets to map the six big towns.

Aqua means water, Quen; also, it is a unique blue.

Quince, enter qt. for quart; also, sq. for square

Ship the desk c.o.d. to Dr. Quig at La Quinta Inn.

Q. J. took squid and squash; Monique, roast quail.

re io as lk rt jk df p ds uy ew vc mn gf hj sa ui

as ore ask opt buy pew say art owe try oil gas her

Sandy said we ought to buy gifts at her new store.

ce un gr mu br ny rv ym rb my ice any mug orb grow

nice curb must brow much fume sync many dumb curve

Brian must bring the ice to the curb for my uncle.

all off odd too see err boo lee add call heed good

door meek seen huff less will soon food leek offer

Lee will seek help to get all food cooked by noon.