P and V

1. Learn the reach technique for P and V.
2. Combine smoothly P and V with all other learned keys.

Use your Right little finger to type the p key.
Use your Left index finger to type the v key.

Directions: Key each line twice in the box provided.  Use the tab key to move to the next textbox. 


in we no ax my be on ad on re hi at ho cad him bet

is just  of work  to sign  of lace  to flex  got a form

Jo Buck won a gold medal for her sixth show entry.

; ; p; p; pa pa up up apt apt pen pen lap lap kept

p; p; pa pa pa pan pan nap nap paw paw gap gap rap

a pen; a cap; apt to pay; pick it up; plan to keep

f f vf vf via via vie vie have have five five live

vf vf vie vie vie van van view view dive dive jive
go via; vie for; has vim; a view; to live; or have

up cup vie pen van cap vim rap have keep live plan

to vie; give up; pave it; very apt; vie for a cup;

Vic has a plan to have the van pick us up at five.

vf p; xs mj ed yj ws nj rf ik tf ol cd hj gf uj bf
if lap jag own may she for but van cub sod six oak

by vie pen vim cup six but now man nor ton may pan

by six but now may cut sent me fine gems five reps

with kept turn corn duty curl just have worn plans

nam eburn form when jury glad vote exit came eight

if they he kept with us of land burn it to name it

to plan so sure is glad an exit so much to view it

Kevin does a top job on your flax farm with Craig.

Dixon flew blue jets eight times over a city park.

Marv is to choose a high goal  and to do his best to make it.

Vi said she had to key form a book as one test she took for a top job.

Lexi knows it is good to keep your goal in mind as you key each line of a drill.

Viv can do well many of the tasks she ties; she sets top goals and makes  them one by one.

mj p; me up am pi jam apt ham pen map ape mop palm

Pam may pack plums and grapes for my trip to camp.

bf xs be ax by xi fix box but lax buy fox bit flax

Bix used the box of mix to fix bread for six boys.

yj vf buy vow boy vie soy vim very have your every

Vinny may have you buy very heavy silk and velvet.