O and T

1. Learn the reach technique for o and t.
2. Combine smoothly o and t with all other learned keys.Use your Right ring finger to type the O key
Use your Left index finger to type the t key

Directions: Key each line twice in the box provided.  Use the tab key to move to the next textbox


l l ol ol do do of of so so lo lo old old for fore do of so lo
ol ol of of or or for for oak oak off off sol sole ol ol of of or
do so; a doe; of old; of oak; old foe; of old oak; do so; a

f f tf tf it it at at tie tie the the fit fit lift tf tf it it at at tie

tf tf ft ft it it sit sit fit fit hit hit kit kite it it sit sit fit hit

if it; a fit; it fit; tie it; the fit; at the site; tf ft sit sit fit

to to too too toe toe dot dot lot lot hot hot tort tort too

a lot; to jot; too hot; odd lot; a fort; for a lot; a lot; to jot