M and X

1. Learn the reach technique for M and X.
2. Combine smoothly M and X with all other learned keys.

Use your Right index finger to type the m key.
Use your Left ring finger to type the x key.

Directions: Key each line twice in the box provided.  Use the tab key to move to the next textbox. 


bf ol rf yj ed nj ws ik tf hj cd uj gf by us if ow

by bye boy buy yes fib dye bit yet but try bet you

Robby can win the gold if he just keys a new high.

j j mj mj am am am me me ma ma jam jam ham ham yam

mj mj me me me may may yam yam dam dam men men jam

am to; if me; a man; a yam; a ham; he may; the hem

s s xs xs ox ox ax ax six six fix fix fox fox axis

xs xs sx sx ox ox six six nix nix fix fix lax flax
a fox; an ox; fix it; by six; is lax; to fix an ax
me ox am ax ma jam six ham mix fox men lax hem lox
to fix; am lax; mix it; may fix; six men; hex them
Mala can mix a ham salad for six; Max can fix tea.
by am end fix men box hem but six now cut gem ribs

me ox buy den cub ran own form went oxen fine club

an of me do am if us or is by go ma so ah ox it ow

by man buy fan jam can any tan may rob ham fun guy

if us me do an sow the cut big jam rub oak lax boy

curl work form born name flex just done many right

or jam if she for me is bug an end or buy is to be

to fix and cut for work and such big firm the call

Jacki is now at the gym; Lex is due there by four.

Joni saw that she jculd fix my old bike for Gilda.

Mrs. Dixon may take her Ed. D. exam early in March.

Lex may send a box c.o.d. to Ms. Fox in St. Croix

J. D. and Max will go by boat to St. Louis in May.

Own keyed ect. for etc. and lost the match to me.

Max told them that he will next fix the main axle.

Bryon said the boy went by bus to a bayou to hunt.

Wilf and Rona work in Tucson with Towena and Drew.

Lucy cut a huge cake for just the for lucky boys.

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Nance set sail for long Island.

Bring may bring a young trio to sing songs at noon.

Lottie will tell the two little boys a good story.

ria said she will first build a large fire of fir.

Chet was here when the eight hikers hit the trail.