Keying Technique

1. To learn proper response patterns to gain speed.
2. To learn to capitalize appropriate words in sentences.

Directions: Key each line twice in the box provided.  Use the tab key to move to the next textbox. 

Nat will vex the judge if she bucks my quiz group.

Al, did you use these words; vie, and aqua?

She owns the big dock, but they own the lake land.

ah do so go he us if is of or to it an am me by ox

ha for did own the for and due pay but men may box

as up we in at on be oh ax no ex my ad was you are

ad ink get ilk far him few pop set pin far imp car

of it he is to us or do am to an ox or by is to do

do the and for she did all six the map for the pay

as on be in at no as my be up as in at him saw you

you are oil tax pop art you get red ink we saw him

The man is to go to the city and do the auto work.

The girl is to go by bus to the lake for the fish.

Jimmy saw you feed a deer on a hill up at my mill.

Molly sat on a junk in oily waters at a bare reef.

Mindy left her coat here.  Can she stop by for it?

Do you plan to go today?  The game begins at four.

I wrote to Mr. Katz, but Miss Dixon sent the form.

Do you know if Luci and Lex Bauer are with Dr. Tu?

The Beau Monde Singers will perform at Music Hall.

Lennox Corp. now owns the Hyde Park Athletic Club.

Did you ask if the OEA contest is to be on Friday?

Does FBLA meet on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday?

August was very hot, but September is rather cool.

They are to spend July and August at Myrtle Beach.