I and R

1. Learn the reach technique for i and r.
2. Combine smoothly i and r with all other learned keys.Use your Right middle finger for the i key
Use your Left index finger for the r key
Directions: Key each line twice in the box provided.  Use the tab key to move to the next textbox.  
k k ik ik is is if if did did aid aid kid kid hail hall has hid
ik ik if if is is kid kid his his lie lie aid aide kid kid his lie
a kid; a lie; if he; he did; his aide; if a kid is; a kid; a lie;

f f rf rf jar jar her her are are ark ark jar jars her are ark jar

rf rf re re fr fr jar jar red red her her far fare her jar fare her

a jar; a rake; a lark; red jar; hear her; are dark; a red jar;

fir fir rid rid sir sir ire ire fire fire air airs fire air sir rid rid

a fir; if her; a fire; is fair; his ire; is she is if her; a fire; his

he is; if her; is far; red jar; his heir; her aide; her he; is far