Gr. 6 Projects and Assignments

Course Syllabus

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Learning Targets

Today’s Instructional Learning Target


LucidPress Pre-Assessment Submission Form


Keyboarding Requirements
keyboarding games
Fun To Type Games
Nitro Typing Game
Additonal Links and Resources

Word Processing and Google Docs Projects

Edit/Format Lab
Page Margins, Headers, and Tab Stops Project
Table Project
Table/Border Lab
Drawing Tools: Timeline Project Directions
Keyboard Shortcut Activity

Gmail And Calendars

Gmail Basics 
Google Calendar Notes
Google Calendar Project

Google Search Techniques

Google Search Tips
How Searches Work Video
Internet Search Technique: CyberTrip and Custom Map Activity


Print Projects:
LucidPress Video Intro
LucidPress Overview 60 seconds
Bomber Hangar Poster
Family Newsletter Project
Family Newsletter Submission Form
Family Newsletter Rubric
Hot Dog Cart Project
Hot Dog Project Submission Form
LucidPress Self Assessment

Digital Projects:
Olympic Electronic Magazine Template
Olympic Magazine Submission Form
Olympic Rubric
Ohio Adventure Brochure
Ohio Adventure Brochure Submission Form
Ohio Adventure Brochure Rubric
Classroom Cookbook


Spreadsheet Cost Of Living Part 1
Spreadsheet Cost Of Living Part 2
Baseball Equipment Spreadsheet
Baseball Scoring Chart
Student Council Election
Student Council Spreadsheet Grade Rubric
Florida Spreadsheet Challenge
Creating Forms
School Supplies Project
Dream Car Project
Area Guide Project

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Worksheet
Prezi Design Requirements
Prezi Rubric

Crooked River Paddling Adventures Project

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