Caps Lock and Question Mark

1. Learn reach technique for Caps Lock and Question Mark
2. To combine smoothly Caps Lock and ? with other learned keys

Use your Left little finger to strike the Caps Lock key.
Use your Left Shift and right little finger to strike the ? key.

Directions: Key each line twice in the box provided.  Use the tab key to move to the next textbox. 

Lovak won the squad prize cup for sixty big jumps.

To:  Ms. Mazie Pelzer; From: Dr. Eliza J. Piazzo.

He is to go with me to the dock to do work for us.

Hal read PENTAGON and   ADVISE AND CONSENT by Drury.

Oki joined FBLA when her sister joined PBL at OSU.

Zoe now belongs to AMS and DPE as well as to NBEA.

; ; ?; ?; Who? What? When? Where? Why? Is it?

Who is it? Is it she? Did he go? Was she there?

Is it up to me?  When is it?  Did he key the line?

Did he join a CPA firm?  I will stay on with NASA?

Is her dad still CEO at BSFA?  Or was he made COB?

Did you read HOMEWARD?  If so, try WHIRLWIND next.