B and Y

1. Learn the reach technique for B and Y.
2. Combine smoothly B and Y with all other learned keys.

Use your Left index finger to type the b key.
Use your Right index finger to type the y key.

Directions: Key each line twice in the box provided.  Use the tab key to move to the next textbox. 


f f bf bf fib fib rob rob but but big big fib fibs

fb fb rob rob lob lob orb orb bid bid bud bud ribs

a rib; to fib; rub it; an orb; or rob; but she bid

j j yj yj jay jay lay lay hay hay day day say says

yj yj jay jay eye eye dye dye yes yes yet yet jays

a jay; to say; an eye; he says; dye it; has an eye

by by buy buy boy boy bye bye byte byte buoy buoys

by it; to buy; by you; a byte; the buoy; by and by

Jaye went by bus to the store to buy the big buoy.

a;sldkfj bf ol ed yj ws ik rf hj cd nj tf .l gf uj

a kit low for jut led sow fob ask sun cud jet grow

no in bow any tub yen cut sub coy ran bin cow deck

Cody wants to buy this baby cub for the young boy.

by and for the got all did but cut now say jut ask

work just such hand this goal boys held furl eight

to do  can go  to bow  for all  did jet  ask her  to buy

if she  to work  and such  the goal  for this  held the

Becky has auburn hair and wide eyes of light jade.

Juan left Bobby at the dog show near our ice rink.